ganky comix is a collaboration by Alberta-based creators Gord Cummings and Charles Agopsowicz, focusing on topics such as Canadian history, Canadian identity, immigration, Indigenous reconciliation, and more.

We also do some other fun side projects like cat comix & bootleg comix.

TRAMP (single) available now

Tramp is the first single from an untitled Industrial EP Charles is creating to be a companion to the next graphic novel from ganky comix.

TRAMP (single) is an Industrial Metal x Labour/protest using expanded/adpated lyrics from "The Tramp" (1913) by Joe Hill. AVAILABLE NOW as pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Gumroad, and streaming on Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music.

Where to Find Us

Gord's comic SELF WORTH: THE LIFE OF SLIM EVANS is available at:

• Shop AGA - Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB
• Orange Crush Velvet VIntage & Books, 611 12th St, New Westminster, BC

Charles' GHOST TOWNS OF ALBERTA zine series is available at:

• Shop AGA - Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB
Charles' Official Gumroad Store (
Canzine - The Festival of Zines and Underground Art

You can find us in-person at creator markets and comic expos throughout the year:

• P1CCF / Panel 1 Comic Creator Festival, Jun 1, 2024 – West Hillhurst Community Centre, Calgary, AB
• PCF / Prairie Comics Festival, Ot 5-6, 2024 - Millennium Library, Winnipeg, MB

If you missed us at the AGA Comic & Zine Fair, Panel One Comic Creator Festival, or the Shelf Life Books/CommunityWise Zine Party, we hope to catch you there next time! (we regularly try to attend these events)

Samples of Selected Works

Self Worth issues 1 & 2

Self Worth tells the story of Arthur "Slim" Evans. Slim was a labour organizer advocating for things like workers' rights, food security, unemployment support, and more.

ganky: admission

ganky: admission discusses story of civil war and US foreign influence in El Salvador, leading to a large immigration of displaced people into Canada in the 1980s & 1990s.

ganky: erasure

ganky: erasure discusses Canada's history of acts against Ingigenous populations including the Indian Act and Sixties Scoop.

What We're Working On

Gord is working on:

Self Worth: The Life of Arthur "Slim" Evans, a three-issue comic series. Issues 1 & 2 are out, and issue 3 is nearing completion.
A new graphic adaptation of the 1935 On to Ottawa Trek & Regina Riot.
• Publishing of his full-length graphic novel.

Charles is working on:

Zines including his popular "Ghost Towns of Alberta" and "Movies in 8 Pages" series. Charles' zine "Ghost Towns of Southern Alberta Along the Historic Red Coat Trail" was shortlisted for a 2023 Broken Pencil Magazine Zine Award!
• Multiple new mini-issues of ganky.
• Writing and producing an industrial music EP to coincide with Gord's On to Ottawa & Regina Riot graphic novel adaptation.
Charles creates a lot of his work LIVE on his Twitch channel at

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